Review Batch 2

Review Batch 2

Sidewalks – Sidewalks why don’t you get with the times already? Why can’t you receive the moving escalator thing like what happens at Islands of Adventure? Instead, now we have to use our feet and walk everywhere like the Indians a long time ago did when they used to move from hut to hut.

Look all I’m saying is this if we already have the ability to cure cancer, why can’t we just make the ground move under our feet and have robots that make us really strong and fit. Working out is so stupid.

Sidewalks, unless you’re made of soft rubber, stop existing!

The Movie “Hunger Games” – Don’t get me wrong I love me a good three-way love romance between desperate people in stupid situations. But this movie does dystopia the worst,

three-way romances the worst and action adventure the worst and don’t even get me started on Katniss.

The action? PG-13, yawn. The Dystopia? Utopic with peppers of 1944 Germany in there. Three Way Romance? Doesn’t work because there’s only one person the entire time and they’re totally wrong for her. Katniss? Can’t even fight her battles, such a waste of space as a character.

Dear Hunger Games, I’m starving for a good story here!

Top Notch Movers – Top Notch Movers, congratulations you are all attractive and good at moving furniture. What do you want a medal? I’m really like the

services you provided, this is an example of what the world should be.

If I wanted to lift a finger or break a nail, then I would move all of my furniture myself. Instead, I want hunky men with cute shirts to move my things for me, and you guys did it flawlessly! You guys are amazing and thank you.

Top Notch, Love Ya! Get a new name, though!

La-Z-Boy Furniture – La-Z-Boy how many cat naps have we shared together? How many times have I settled down in your warm arms and tuckered myself out only to wake up completely refreshed and happy? La Z Boy, you rock, especially your rocking chairs.

I greatly appreciate the softness I feel when I’m with you, it’s what I imagine my father’s hugs would feel like if he wasn’t in business meetings all the time. But you’re crazy

expensive, and if you think that I’m going to buy one of you when it’s Black Friday, you’re just as crazy as your prices!

La Z Boy, try not as X-pensive Boy!

Comments, concerns and complaints!?

I want to point out that Oxford commas are for nerds, and I don’t use them because if you think I’m writing this for you. Don’t hold your breath. I do what I want.