Review Batch 9

So hey it’s me Tina again dear readers. Here’s another review batch for you. I’m going to call this one number 9 because I can and it’s my website. Keep reading fools!

Mold – Hey I get that there’s supposed to be life after death and all that stuff. But when I spill white wine on the baseboards of my high rise apartment, I don’t want to be reminded of that because I forgot about it several months ago when I was “studying abroad in Italy.”

I put quotiations to throw off my dad (love you daddy.) Mold you are gross and weird and you smell bad and when I have boys over I don’t want them to think I’m some sort of pig. I’m the real deal. Not when there’s mold around, I’m over you. Now go die somewhere and for good this time.

Mold is old news, fungi is where it’s att

Drimaxx – You guys are my knights in polyester. I loved how quickly you guys came over and began doing your stuff it was super awesome and I love you guys forever for it. I do not enjoy the fact that you had to kick me out while it fumigated and that I could have died from it. I don’t take threats lightly or darkly.

That being said, you’re amazing and quick. IF you are ever looking for mold remediation, there’s only one name to call. Actually I wouldn’t recommend calling it by name because Drimaxx has a really weird way of coming out of your mouth I’d rather not talk about it again.

Drimaxx, DRI come up with a better name ffs.

Twinkies – You guys are amazing. Little creampuffs filled with delight. If I could die and come back as a Twinkie that never got eaten, I would be so happy because I know everyone would want me and that I was delicious without having to prove myself.

Street Side Vendors – You guys need to seriously do something about overcooking these peanuts. I love candied peanuts when I’m walking down Central Park but I really hate when I have to eat them and need to buya bottle of water too. It’s like you guys are part of some scheme where in order to sell one you have to sell the other! I’m not buying it!

That being said, please don’t stop selloing those nuts because I am absolutely crazy for them. Oh my god they’re so good. But not as good as Twinkies, don’t get ahead of yourself. If I eat nuts all the time as opposed to twinkies I won’t gain weight. Dr.Oz told me that.

Street Vendors, Street lend a hand to the next guy #Fourthwall

Homeless People – Find a home. You’re gross.

If you liked my list let the person next to you know and then run into a mailbox until you can’t remember your name.

Kkthnxbai, Tina.

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