Review Batch 8

So I just got done seeing my dad, yawn. I give it a yawn out of 5 kill me nows if you know what I’m saying! Up High, down low, keep reading or I’ll disconnect your internet. Don’t test me, you have no idea what I’m capable of, read, get your eyes off this sentence right now or I’ll have Armando take them away from you. Who’s Armando, don’t turn around, keep reading, good for you. See you at the bottom. Or not. Maybe I’ll cut out early and leave out the back door or just end on Secret Hookups and leave. Oh did she do a review on secret hookups? Get out of my face plebe.

Roll or die My dad – Firstly, let me say that I love my dad. Without my dad or my mom, I wouldn’t be here. But without my dad, I wouldn’t have money and what’s the point of living life without money? Seriously, it’s really sad. So it’s really great to see my dad.

Dad decided to take me to the factory so that I can know our business in the event of his passing. I guessed that it was because he wants me to run it and he laughed and told me it’s because I need to be able to haggle for an optimal price on the buyout. I love him so much.

Best dad ever. I give it a dad out of the best dad. Because in hindsight, you’re aight.

Roller Die – When we talk about press brake forming, my brain melts. But I had to learn about these so that I know what our competitors are up to and look forward to seeing whoever is going to buy it. We don’t go for cheap in our family and if you think that you can log out right now cause I hate you!

Anyway, this company, which will remain unnamed for various security purposes (see the title of review) is awesome and I have to blindly show them support because they will probably end up in my future at some point.

I feel no way strongly about any of this, and I almost want to redact my statement.

Secret HookupStainless Steel – Yet another thing that I have to learn about but know nothing and care nothing about. I get it. They’re big pieces of metal, and they come in different sizes and shapes. Should I care about the ozone because I live underneath it? Yes of course, but do I want to know about the microbiological integrity of the structure and how it reacts to solar radiation and the compact Co2 below it? No, it’s too many big words, and I passed out in the middle of writing it.

You’re a semi-decent structural material; my dad tells me nickel is better. But only sometimes. I don’t know.

– When you’re in the middle of something, and you catch someone just at the right moment and sneak off without anyone

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