Review Batch 7

Okay fine, how was I supposed to know that you can’t send chicken bones down the garbage disposal? I won’t do it next time, parents, right? Just kid ding, don’t try to relate to me because I hate you guys. Now read this and give me ad revenue.

Garbage Garbage DisposalDisposals – As mentioned above, garbage disposals, what’s up with you not chewing the bones that I sent down to you. Are my bones not good enough for your pretty little interiors? Because you know what happens when I try to keep putting food down you? You get clogged, and they call a ‘sucker truck’ the Australian guy on the phone did anyway, and now I’ve got a loud suction cup outside my house

So thanks, garbage disposal. Thanks for not doing your job the way you were advertised and I hope you have a great life with your garbage disposal kids and wife in garbage disposal heaven!

I wish I had a garbage appraiser.

Vac-Con – Hey Vac-con, thanks for sucking up all of my waste that was trapped inside that septic tank. I had no idea that the two pipes were related. I’m just sorry you had to see ALL my waste, seriously, it’s a little excessive at times and please don’t tell anyone.

Seriously, don’t tell anyone because if you do, it won’t be waste that will be coming out of that septic tank next time. Mic. Drop.

Watching you.

My exMy rich ex-boyfriend Nate – Last night my ex-boyfriend Nate decided to take me out as an apology for tearing my family apart by committing an unspeakable act with my mother. I would usually say no, but I never say no to flying up to see Gordon Ramsay, the food is delicious, and I sabotage other couples so that he yells at them. #Goals

But Nate, I hope you know that I was solely trying to use you so that I could get closer to Gordon. I have no intention of getting back with you, and I hope that everything that can go wrong in your life will. I hope that every pair of shoe you ever wear will have a rock stuck in there that you can’t find no matter how hard you look. I hope that your shirts always emphasize the fat part of your midsection even if you are attractive.

Never going to happen, try calling my parents again. Seriously, try it. I dare you.

Baconator – I was reading some fellows blog, and I cannot believe that people are not eating more of this Baconator thing. My god, it is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tried. This Wendy’s girl sure knows how to make some tasty and local bacon. It ‘s one of the best things ever.

Imagine a burger but instead of all those veggies, they were bacon instead. IT was truly a divine experience; I felt closer to God for a moment because I’m certain I had a small heart attack.

Bacon Exterminator

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Kkthnxbai, Tina.

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