Review Batch 6

I had to go out and buy a new keyboard because I sweat on it. Ew. 1, I don’t sweat, my plastic surgeon and I are going to have a chat. 2, I don’t want to be reminded so when I woke up from my white hot nightmare, the keyboard was in a million pieces, it was the cat I swear.

It's hotWaychoff AC – Waychoffs, you guys, are absolute life savers when I wanted to install my 4th room A/C unit, other, weaker competitors said that it could not be done. But I called you guys, and you are all like, of course, we can because we’re amazing. That’s why you guys are amazing.

I wish more people were like you with their ‘can-do’ attitude. Instead, you have a bunch of slackers hanging out on street corners, playing guitars far too late into the end of the night so I can’t sleep because he keeps wanting to hit the C chord, but he can’t quite touch it with his broken finger, so it is a flat note!

Brought a Weight off my mind with that AC!

Global Warming – Global Warming. What’s up with you. First, you’re here, then you’re not. Now you’re here, and it is awful, and I wish you’d go away. But you’re not for some reason; you know you’re really selfish and mean. You’ve got the coral reef so scared that they’re turning white, why can’t you just go away!

I was reading somewhere that you’re so mad because you’ve got all of these Co2 emissions coming in and making you upset! If tear into them will say that, make you feel better? You got it global warming, you hang out in the corner and dissipate or something.

Global Warming, Elbow Warning. They can’t work all the time.

Global coolingCO2 Emissions – Co2 Emissions, why are you so dense? Why can’t you get it through our planets skull that we don’t want you here? We want you gone. So many of us are trying to get rid of you that it is completely ruining our world. Why can’t you just get out of here on your own?! It makes me sick!

Wherever you came from! Just go back to it! I don’t want to deal with you, and I want you out of here! What’s that! You came from plants, and cars and life. Well, who’s causing you guys to be released? People! Let me take care of this!

Co2, Cee ya Later!

People – You guys need to cut the crap right now. I don’t care what amount of industrial revolution you plan on touting. If you’re not able to actually have the world to live on, it’s not worth it. If I held a clathrate gun to your head and told you that it was filled with candy would you pull the trigger? Then stop putting out so many emissions! God, if I miss the Bieber concert because everything either on fire or under water I will be seriously mad!

Have a problem with it? Meet me at this address (2800 Bullittsburg Church Rd, Petersburg, KY 41080) and then jump head first onto a spike.

Kkthnxbai, tina.

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Tina C

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Tina Capo is writing top level reviews for everything that she experiences in her life. She has grown up in between Florida and New York with her mother and father. She has a Pomeranian named Mittens and a goldfish named Tupac.
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