Review Batch 5

Hey, guys! Website overhaul, somebody said that I could paint so I’,m going to try graphic design, you know, give back to my community or something. Whatever, support me already!

graphic Design Photoshop  – Adobe, hey it’s me, Tina again, you stopped replying to my e-mails. Most of them with the subject line reading “Holy Crap, do people use this.” And “What does this one do?” But apparently, you’re all out of the office at the moment because you don’t want to help one of the only paying customers of your service apparently. And you know what I’m talking about don’t turn a blind eye to the obvious buccaneers stealing your software.

If you want to make image editing easy and accessible, why don’t you just do it instead of putting in all of these buttons that do stupid things that people don’t care about? I don’t even want to look at another photo again because I’m afraid I’ll think I can airbrush them out of existence.

Photofigureout what you’re doing with your life Adobo!

Tumblr – I tried to get some advice and help from Tumblr, but wow, these people have problems. Everyone is calling me entitled and saying that I should just read a book or something. Which is just absurd because I’m certain that books have now been outlawed.

Anyway, I went in there looking for some help and advice, and all I got was a bunch of judgemental jerks in an apparently judgment free zone? I don’t understand how any of it books but maybe they should all read a book on ironworking or something? You see how I used it ironically? Because I said, read a book and miseplled irony? That’s why it’s funny and not that I should read the Adobe book on Photoshop.

How about an attitude check instead?

Deivant ArtDeviantArt – So instead of becoming a graphic designer I went to deviant art instead to learn about graphic design or maybe just support some local artists, and there was a surprising amount of full frontal nudity involving animals, but they’re human? I’m not sure what to expect.

I will say this, Deviant, you have got some serious talent, I just don’t know why you would use it on that, or why I feel so confused about my feelings on the matter as I do. I don’t know. Call me or something.

Deviant, are you doing anything this evening?

A Graphic Advantage – So when we thought there couldn’t be a light at the end of the tunnel it turns out there was. A person who made great art, who didn’t make me feel like a jerk and who took my money and used it for something good.

A graphic advantage does all of the things that I’ve said above but is amazing at them instead of being a little jerk about it. I hired him and now if you want the best of Tina, just ask him because if it’s good, then I made it and if it’s bad I guess it was him, I heard a comedian say it once and it was funny, but I don’t remember how it goes.

A graphic superiority complex

If you guys have any question just make sure to press the little red x in the top right or left corner of your screen.

Kkthnxbai, Tina.

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